Our Deliverables

1. Detail engineering

  • Preliminary P&ID.
  • Sizing of equipment / sub systems.
  • General arrangement drawing for all equipment.
  • In addition to above NES adapts the plant design as offered by equipment supplier and make it good for existing site in active cooperation with equipment supplier.
  • Documentation review of equipment supplied and adapting the same for site.

2. Utilities

  • Detailed specifications Capacity
  • P & ID for – Compressed air and CT water, chilled water
  • Layout - Plan / Elevation
  • Detailed piping drawing , route, support
  • Bill of materials

3. Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Preparation of SLD for the electrical system
  • Specs for substation electrical – new or up-gradation of equipment
  • PCC, MCC & PMCC sizing and specs
  • Cable sizing and specs - power and control..
  • Cable routing (Power & instrumentation)
  • Cable – BOQ (Power & Instrumentation)
  • Review of vendor technical quote and finalization of PO specs
  • Plant lighting details

4. Project Management

  • To receive, circulate and get comments / approval of detail engg documents prepared from KIL and incorporate the same.
  • To prepare purchase order specifications after floating enquiries and negotiating with vendors for all bought items including electricals / instrumentation with laid down specifications and purchase procedure.
  • To inspect and collate documentation for all bought out equipment at vendor’s site where required.
  • To supervise unloading, testing and safe keeping of such items.
  • To take complete charge and assume overall responsibility of erection, pre-commissioning trials and assistance in debugging of this project, if required.
  • To ensure smooth execution of this project within budget and time

*( subject to location)