Wear measurement for extruders lines

The single important issue for performance of TSE is wear on processing section. We provide measurement and provide insight into wear pattern and possib;le cause.

we have Mututoyo make internal and external measurements covering 20 mm to 300 mm. The wear affects the performance of extrusion lines. Mechanical wear measurement and examination assists in developing correct screw configuration with element MoC.

Industrial endoscope with recording facility. This helps in reaching out thru small inspection cover to internals of equipment like gear box, barrel. The recording facility assists in off sitereview , comparative study. The unit in association with other tools like stethoscope enhances the diagnosis which would allow proper preparation for attending the same. The stethoscope allows us to record noise signature and comparative study of previous performance.

Vibration measurement

Vibratiopn another critical parameter on extruder motor and gear box.

Using SKF make tool. Vibration measurement revels health of key extrusion line equipment like motor, gear box. The pumps vibration reflects its performance. The measurement and its comparative assessment is important toll in preventive / predictive maintenance. Currently analysis part is being outsourced.

We also club this with industrial sthestoscope for relative study of nise in audible range for comparison.


This tool is equally useful for electrical ,mechanical and process aspects of compounding plant.

We have SKF make. This is important tolls for both mechanical and electrical equipment including cable. The non contact measurement with details on temperature profile of area under observation offers meaningful information on bearing, heating / cooling in processing section, electrical cable and contactor heating.

Laser alignment

Traditional alignment using dial gauges is time consuming and highly skill oriented. The lase alignment tool not only gives better results quickly it increases reliability of results. The vibration measurement along with alignment checking of main motor and gear box are key to health of extruder. Pump and other high usage equipment also can be properly aligned for higher nearing life.